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Privacy Policy

We have built our business on the strength of the quality of our service and we therefore feel responsible for ensuring that the privacy of our users is appropriately protected at all times.

In setting up our privacy policy, our goal was to comply with internationally respected standards such as those established by the Council of Europe's Convention on data protection (1981) as well as the EU Data Protection Directive (EU/46/95). In complying with these standards, MaltaCarHire.com pledges our customers to collect only that personal information that we require for the technical and commercial operation of our activities to inform you when we collect personal information to inform you of the specific purpose for collecting this information not later than the moment of collection to use your personal information fairly and lawfully for the specified purposes and only for these purposes to give you access to your personal information kept by MaltaCarHire.com to keep your personal information secure using both technical and organisational measures not to pass on your personal information to anybody unless you have specifically consented that we can so communicate your information. We will only store your personal information for the length of time required for the purpose for which it is collected.

Privacy & Personal Information

Personal information is defined as being any information which can be linked to an identified or identifiable individual. Quite simply, if any information can be linked to you it becomes personal information and we therefore take great care when collecting and processing such information in order to protect the privacy of our users.


When you visit MaltaCarHire.com you may use many services without telling us who you are. Thus, unless you request a service that requires your personal details, you may use our services anonymously. However we may place a cookie on your PC to enable us to keep statistical track of our audience and build trends on usage. More details on how we use cookies can be found in this document.

Collecting your Personal Information

During the booking process we require you to complete certain fields and request that you complete other fields

Fair and Lawful Purposes for Collecting your Information

We collect your personal information for one main purpose:
Operational - in order to be able to provide the right service you require which may depend on the hardware & software installed in your home or office Using your Information
MaltaCarHire.com uses your personal information to be able to provide the service required.


MaltaCarHire.com has invested in various technical and organisational security measures to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of personal information under our control. For example: we have built our systems with your privacy in mind at the design stage. MaltaCarHire.com employees who have access either to the databases that store user information or to the servers that host our services must comply with strict security rules. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to data will not occur; we make every effort to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

Legal Requirements and How Long we keep Personal Information

MaltaCarHire.com may be required by law to:
  • Disclose certain personal information for purposes of law enforcement or national security;
  • Store personal information for various periods of time (e.g. in connection with tax laws);
  • As a rule MaltaCarHire.com will not store your personal data for a period of more than ten years.


No third-party sites are covered by this Privacy Policy. Any site that you may have accessed via www.maltacarhire.com may not follow an acceptable privacy policy. MaltaCarHire.com provides links to other sites for your convenience and in this respect, MaltaCarHire.com cannot be held responsible for the content displayed in these sites and the privacy measures they adopt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cookies and how does MaltaCarHire.com use them?
A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are developed to standards, tightly restricted, and under no circumstance do we have direct access to your PC , hard drive or any other of your devices. We may send you more than one cookie depending on the services you are interested in. This is done automatically and you will normally not notice that this is happening. You can choose whether to accept the cookies that we send to you by changing the settings of your browser. If you choose not to accept these cookies, your experience at our site may be inferior and some features will not work as intended. Normally, we use cookies to:
  • Link a user to the account information we store on our computers;
  • Estimate the number of people using our different services. Each browser accessing MaltaCarHire.com is given a unique cookie which is then used to determine the extent of repeat usage, usage by a registered user versus by an unregistered user, and to help target information and advertisements based on user interests and behaviour;
  • Measure certain traffic patterns, which areas of MaltaCarHire.com's services you visit and detect your visiting patterns. This information is used to understand how our users' habits are similar or different from one another so that we can ensure that our services, both technical and commercial, are properly set up to give our customers an enjoyable and profitable experience;
In addition to the cookies placed by MaltaCarHire.com, advertisers that place ads on MaltaCarHire.com or advertisers you may have accessed through MaltaCarHire.com may also use their own cookies.

Does MaltaCarHire.com sell Personal Information to other Companies?
No it does not. If another company wishes to contact any of our customers it gives us the advertisement and the profile of the target audience. MaltaCarHire.com acts as the middleman in the transaction and only MaltaCarHire.com knows whether a particular customer fits the profile targeted by the advertiser. What MaltaCarHire.com may occasionally sell is aggregate information, i.e. statistical data with no names included. MaltaCarHire.com only passes any of your information to third parties, if you have specifically consented to it.