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Car Hire

We offer an affordable and reliable car rental service to any location in Malta & Gozo including the Malta International Airport for the convenience of our clients.

MaltaCarHire.com offers a wide range of cars, ranging from modern economical city cars to family cars, open-top jeeps, cabriolets, mini-vans and MPVs all equipped with desired features such as air-conditioning, power steering and others. Our user-friendly terms and optional add-ons are designed to accommodate every business and leisure user.


In recent years leasing has become very popular as it offers people a way to drive the vehicles they want for less expense and less complications.

The fact that in the long run, the monthly installments are lower than actually buying a car and also the fact that no initial down payment is needed makes leasing attractive. The benefit of having free maintenance, cleaning and a replacement vehicle when needed helps.

Leasing allows a person to drive a brand new car with lower monthly payments. Reasons to lease a car include the following:

  • You enjoy driving a new car every four to six years
  • Lower and equal monthly payments
  • Insurance and road registration costs are spread equally
  • No large down payment when taking in the new car
  • No yearly shopping around for low insurance costs
  • No hassle in obtaining a replacement car in case of accident
  • No loss of insurance "No claims discount" in case of accident
  • Free regular maintenance, repairs and servicing
  • Free monthly safety inspection and car wash
  • Free 24hour road assistance and backup
  • No hassle to trade-in and selling your car
  • Income Tax and VAT benefits (subject to business type)

At the end of the lease agreement the lessee can choose to either; buy the vehicle at a very low cost, re-lease it or turn it in. One can also have the option to buy the vehicle during the term of the lease or terminate the lease earlier then agreed, however this would entail a penalty charge since the contract agreement would not have been completed.

We can arrange a contract to suite your needs and preferences on any brand or type of car. Should you require further information about our leasing options and pricing, kindly contact us, and we will happily assist with your request.